Super secure geocoding for sensitive location-based services

Miminize your users' location data footprints and guarantee your geocoding GDPR compliance with pointNG.

No location data outside your service, no risk from outside actors or GDPR non-compliance.

pointNG is a unique machine learning based reverese geocoding technology (patent pending) that performs location identification directly in the client without sending coordinate-data, over the internet, to third parties.

Using pointNG you don't have to worry about how 3rd party geocoding services handle your users coordinate data or how the ever changing privacy laws should be interpreted today.

Maintain full control of location data

Instead of your service sending coordinates for reverse geocoding to 3rd parties, pointNG sends a sequence of neural networks to your client interface and performs the reverse geocoding directly in the client. Your users' location data remains in your service.

Guarantee GDPR compliance

Rise above the legal debates and changes in GDPR/CCPA by cutting out unneccessary coordinate data transfers to 3rd party geocoding services.

Easy to get started

IP-address and GPS-coordinate based location detection in simple functions. Just plug pointNG in and get started immediately.

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Increase conversion and minimize privacy risks

With pointNG's patent pending technology, you can improve your website's user experience by securely using geolocation to target messages, personalize content, redirect users to local sites, choose currencies and languages, prefill forms, and many more.


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