Secure Client-Side User Location Detection

<script src="https://cdn.pointng.io/pointng-min.js"></script>
  const pointng = new PointNG({
    api_key: "api-key",
    level: 'city'
  pointng.getLocation().then(function(prediction) {
   continent: Europe,
   sub_continent: Northern Europe,
   country: Finland,
   iso2: FI,
   capital: Helsinki,
   currency: EUR,
   phone_code: 358,
   state: Uusimaa,
   city: Helsinki

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Build location-based websites hassle-free

Hyper Secure: coordinate data never leaves the client

We have created a unique way to apply our edge machine learning CDN that consists of over 5000 pre-trained neural networks for reverse geocoding in the client interface. This technology never sends coordinate data over the internet to 3rd party services.

→ How it works in detail

Easy To Use Functions

You don't have to worry about complex setup or time consuming documentation browsing. Just plug pointNG in and get started immediately.

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Join the Future: empower the user

pointNG introduces a human-centric, non-creepy approach to developing location-aware digital services. Our widget gives the user the power to determine the level of accuracy in location identification.

→ Read more about the widget

Test pointNG

To try pointNG here, click below and accept the Geolocation API location permission.

Test on your local site

For a quick test, paste this code snippet to your website's body (use only in development environment):

<script src="https://cdn.pointng.io/pointng.js?v=beta"></script>
  const pointng = new PointNG({
    api_key: "beta",
    level: 'city'
  pointng.getLocation().then(function(prediction) {


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Use case examples

Secure Local Weather App

Privacy-friendly local weather forecasts. No tracking or transferring of coordinate-data.

Try the web prototype

Content personalization

Personalize your website's images and copy texts based on your users' location

→ Check the code in Codepen

HTML starter template

Simple hello world HTML template for pointNG

→ Check the code in Codesandbox

Form prefill

Improve user experience by giving the user an option to fill phone number prefix and location fields automatically.

→ Check the code in Codesandbox

Location targeted pop-up

Simple pop-up that is personalized based on location.

→ Check the code in Codesandbox

Vue.js starter template

→ Check the code in Codesandbox

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pointNG is currently in BETA.